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What is NAIFA-Indiana?
The Indiana Association of Insurance & Financial Advisors is a major force shaping the changing environment of life and health insurance and related financial services in Indiana. Founded in 1887 and headquartered in Indianapolis, NAIFA-Indiana is engaged in the financial services industry. This includes insurance agents, stock brokers, bankers, accountants and attorneys.


NAIFA-Indiana's focus is in two areas: Advocacy - to represent the interests of our members by monitoring and initiating legislation in the 50 state capitols and the US Congress. Member Benefits - to increase the bottom line of our association members. Our aim is to provide the means for all insurance and financial advisors to bring a level of excellence to their practice, whether that be through the provision of education, professional development, or networking.

NAIFA members do much more than just sell insurance. They provide financial counseling and help individuals prepare for retirement and plan estates. They design employee benefits and compensation packages and provide employers with group health, pensions, and 401(k) plans. Our members work hard to see that their clients get the best insurance programs to fit their needs.


Our members occupy the unique position of liaison between the purchasers and the suppliers of life, health and multiline insurance and other closely-related financial products. Inherent in this role is the combination of professional duty to the client and to the company, as well. A strong ethical balance is required to avoid any conflict between these two obligations, which is why they must adhere to a strict Code of Ethics.


Code of Ethics - The National Association of Insurance & Financial Advisors

Preamble: The position of the insurance and financial advisor is unique in that he is the liaison between his client and his company. As an advisor, he owes a high professional duty toward his client, while, at the same time, he also occupies a position of trust and loyalty to his company. Only by observing the highest ethical balance can he avoid any conflict between these two obligations.



  • TO hold my business in high esteem and strive to maintain its prestige.

  • TO keep the needs of my clients always uppermost.

  • TO respect my clients' confidence and hold in trust personal information.

  • TO render continuous service to my clients and their beneficiaries.

  • TO employ every proper and legitimate means to persuade my clients to protect insurable obligations: but to rigidly adhere to the observance of the highest standards of business professional conduct.

  • TO present accurately, honestly, and completely every fact essential to my clients' decisions.

  • TO perfect my skill and to add to my knowledge through continuous thought and study.

  • TO conduct my business on such a high plane that others emulating my example may help the standards of our vocation.

  • TO keep myself informed with respect to insurance laws and regulations and to observe them in both letter and spirit.

  • TO respect prerogatives and cooperate with all others whose services are constructively related to ours in meeting the needs of our clients

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