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Jul 21 -         1 hr. CE Broadcast - Medical Supplements,

                      Larry Pereiro
Aug 17-18 -  NAIFA's APEX 2022 - Phoenix, AZ

Aug 30 -       2022 State Golf Outing - Golf Club of IN, Lebanon

Aug 30-31 -  Summit 2022, Annual Meeting, Banquet

Sep 15 -        4 hr. CE Live & Broadcast - Quarterly 1/2 Day CE

                      (coming soon)

David Plumb - Illinois Mutual
Todd Conklin - MassMutual Financial Group
Kiva Small - Summit Financial Group
Jason Wiggins - Horizon Planning Group
Jay Grant - Hubler Financial Services

Diana Dragoo - Onieal and Associates

Drake Clohessy - Onieal and Associates
Samantha Hayton - OneMidwest Financial Partners

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Representing Indiana's Insurance and Financial Advisors

Advocate. Educate. Differentiate.

Securing America's Financial Future


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Joe Cerda

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Your mission: 
Grow your business


Our mission: 
Support you in every stage of your career


Our membership promise: 

Advocate. Educate. Differentiate.

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Your Quarterly Video Newsletter:  NAIFA-Indiana Update: June 7, 2022

Daniel Stallings, President, NAIFA-Indiana

NOTE:  The link above contains the quarterly video newsletter in its entirety (all topics).  If you prefer, you may view only the desired topic segment by clicking on the appropriate link below.

In this Edition:

  1. About This Edition's Sponsor (NAIFA-Indiana Update: June 7, 2022)

  2. What to Expect at the NAIFA-Indiana 2022 Golf Outing

  3. Chris Barnthouse on the upcoming 5 hour LTC CE Course

  4. What to Expect at the NAIFA-Indiana 2022 Annual Meeting and Summit

  5. 2022 NAIFA Congressional Conference Recap

  6. Sales Tip (NAIFA-Indiana Update: June 7, 2022)


What has NAIFA-Indiana done for you?

​Here are real-life examples of how NAIFA has made a difference in their members' businesses:

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Thomas R. Gearhart


Financial Advisor

Northwestern Mutual - Indiana

NAIFA is the only group that brings producers, at the local level, together in a way other industry groups aren’t able.  Those of us who really make up the fiber of the insurance and financial services industry find a place in NAIFA.  We are more able to affect our communities and work together with the goal of having a more effective impact on regular every day Americans whom we serve. If Congress ever concludes we only work for the rich, we are in trouble.


Making good relationships with competitors has helped my business in ways I can only try to measure, mostly with persistency. Perceived “enemies” become friends and colleagues. I cannot imagine my career without with my active NAIFA membership.  It has proved to be incredibly valuable. 


NAIFA is effective in their lobbying efforts.  NAIFA works with the other industry organizations. The difference lies in the constituency of more mainstream producers and their clients. As I have for several years, I plan to go to Washington in May for the NAIFA Congressional Conference and Day on The Hill.  When elected officials hear about average Americans and the work we do for them as their constituents, they listen.  We must continue to remind Washington how valuable both our products and we are, never taking for granted they understand.  They don’t. It is a constant process of re-education.


I hope you will consider being a member and encourage others to do the same.  I just feel strongly that NAIFA is valuable and different from the other industry groups and that we all need to belong.

1717 E. 116th St., Ste. 104, Carmel, IN  46032

P.O. Box 459, Fishers, IN  46038


Ph: (317) 844-6268

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