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NOVEMBER 12, 2020

(All times are EST)

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  9:00 am - 10:00 am:  Presentation (Carroll Golden)

10:00 am - 11:00 am:  Presentation (David McKnight)

  9:00 am - 10:00 am

Understanding the Broadening Options for Extended and LTC Planning"

                     Carroll Golden, CLU, ChFC, CLTC, CASL, LECP, FLMI
Executive Director, LECP Center at NAIFA

                     President, C. Golden Consulting, LLC
                     (1 hour Indiana Insurance CE approved)

Carroll Golden is a forward-thinking organizational consultant and business strategist with a diverse international background holding senior leadership roles within the healthcare and insurance marketplace.  She is recognized by industry peers for her contributions in the extended and  long-term care insurance (LTCI) field and is a frequent speaker and noted author across numerous professional benefits and financial services organizations. 


Carroll has an extensive business background focused on business development, solutions selling, risk management and insurance distribution.  As a Senior VP in charge of a leading carrier's LTCI Sales and Marketing department, her nationwide responsibilities spanned formulation of strategic sales plans, product development, innovative, and traditional marketing initiatives.  She excels in developing relationships and adding value within both small, privately-owned companies and large global corporations.  Working with a Certified Public Account audience, Carrol did a local radio spot on LTCI, focusing on the Executive Care-Out Business market and later specialized in Group/Worksite Long Term Care Insurance.  For several years, she contributed a monthly feature to Benefits Selling Magazine


Carroll gained brokerage and field perspective working with East and West Coast national LTCI distributors.  She entered the professional world as an international translator, having spent several years as a student of the Sorbonne in Paris and continuing her studies in Reims, France.  Traveling to more than 44 countries while working with a prestigious Manhattan, New York law firm, Carroll gained insight into how different customs and traditions influence governments and businesses.


Recently, she appeared on a local TV station to discuss the changing face of extended and long term care consumer options.  As an active member of the Society of Financial Service Professionals (SFSP), Carroll served as a Chapter President and taught continuing education (CE) classes. Additionally, she served as Chairperson for the Society of Actuaries Fifth LTC Conference and for the Tenth Annual Intercompany LTCI Conferences. She currently participates on the Board of Directors of the Intercompany Long-Term Care Conference (ILTCI).  Carroll is President of C. Golden Consulting, LLC and is currently the Executive Director of the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors (NAIFA) Limited and Extended Care Planning Center (LECP Center). Carroll participates as a speaker and presenter for the International Retirement Resource Center.

In this webinar, you will:

- Learn about the scope of the LTC problem

- What is the current state of the LTC and Extended Care marketplace

- What is happening on the State and Federal government levels

- Gain insight into how to approach the topic and integrate it into client conversations and planning

- Discuss various options and where to find proper information and education about these options

- Learn effective actions that advisors and agents can take to help individuals and families plan and protect their plans


10:00 am - 11:00 am

The Power of Zero"

                     David McKnight
President, David McKnight & Company
                     (1 hour Indiana Insurance CE approved)

David McKnight graduated from Brigham Young University with Honors in 1997. Over the past 22 years David has helped put thousands of Americans on the road to the zero percent tax bracket. He has made frequent appearances in Forbes, USA Today, New York Times, Fox Business, CBS Radio, Bloomberg Radio, Huffington Post, Reuters, CNBC, Yahoo Finance, NASDAQ.com, Investor’s Business Daily, Kiplinger's, MarketWatch and numerous other national publications.


His bestselling book The Power of Zero has sold over 250,000 copies and the updated and revised version was published by Penguin Random House. When it was launched in September of 2018, it finished the week as the #2 most-sold business book in the world. In 2019 The Power of Zero was ranked as the #9 best financial resource in the country by Forbes Magazine. This book was recently made into a full-length documentary film entitled The Power of Zero: The Tax Train Is Coming.


As the President of David McKnight & Company, he mentors hundreds of financial advisors from across the country who specialize in The Power of Zero retirement approach. He and his wife Felice have seven children.

This course is designed to educate financial advisors on  how to advise their clients on accumulating dollars for retirement in a rising tax rate environment.  It makes the case that certain types of investments should be contributed to only in carefully prescribed ways with an eye towards how those investments may be taxed in the future.  It discusses many of the unintended consequences of having too much money in retirement accounts like 401(k)s and IRAs, namely the impact of Social Security taxation.  Finally, it concludes with a case study that discusses various strategies as it relates tax-advantaged retirement planning, including the incorporation of cash value life insurance as one of multiple options in a well-balanced approach to tax-advantaged retirement planning.

This course increases the participant's knowledge and understanding of:

- Retirement planning in a rising tax rate environment

- Social Security Taxation

- The pros and cons of Roth IRAs

- The importance of utilizing a Life Insurance Retirement Plan

- Taxable and tax-deferred investments


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